Information Overload – Curing IO to Become More Focused on YOUR 6 Figure Business!

We are being beaten down every day by TV ads, newspaper ads & email ads and that’s only in our “regular” life. Internet marketers have added pressures; we thirst for knowledge about our livelihood. We get pitched by offers everyday…

The New Dominate This & That WSO’s

The New “Must Have” Plugins

The New Money Making “System of the Week”

“The WSO of the Day”

“The Offline WSO of the day”

Seriously? Do you see the problem here? A case in point…

“The WSO of the Day” and the “Offline WSO of the Day” are WSO’s that are recommended daily! YES 2 a day, except on Sunday, where there is a listed “recap” of the week’s WSO of the day. Are there 600 WSOs that are worth looking at, in a year? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

We can get lost, confused and frustrated. So frustrated that you may even want to quit! I know these feelings intimately.

If you allow me to tell you a quick true story, I’ll show you how you can have a thriving Internet business and piss it all away, in less than a year.

Until now I have never share this with anyone, including my best personal friends…


Pure embarrassment!

A few years ago, I was a busy product creator, putting out WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers). I specialized in “piggyback” products. A “piggyback” Product is a product that enhances another product, that you do not own.  This is a great business model because the original idea has already been created for you, you simply “enhance” the product. Kind of like an outside “OTO”.

I started gathering names & emails. Every time I launched a product, I would email my list to tell them about the new product, a good percentage would buy it. I would gain more subscribers naturally from the WSO listing. After 7 to 9 WSO’s you would have an responsive and growing list.

This business model was working well me. I was gaining a good reputation, respect from fellow IMer’s & I was making good money. My list was growing; this was even before WarriorPlus & JVZoo, so having affiliates was not really an option.

I then started creating relationships with fellow product owners, because I was “piggybacking” off their products. Surprisingly enough, none of the product owners had an issue with it, probably because it was boosting their sales too.

Eventually, some of us started working together on projects and making a ton of money. Long story short, a misunderstanding between the partners happen, some finger pointing and we split ways. I must admit that I had some responsibility in the situation.

We all lessons to learn, but I learned my in spades. Which meant a lot less money for me, I became disillusioned & depressed.

I neglected my two of my BIGGEST assets:

1. Myself – I lost my positive attitude. I lost trust in fellow Internet Marketers. Very Sad Actually!

2. My List – I never emailed them at all, except an occasional offer when I needed money. I lost over 1/2 my list in 6 months. Did I mention that these were ALL buyers. An all buyers list is pure gold in the IM world.

This is where my information overwhelm started to happen…

I started looking for other ways to make money, the list goes too…

List Building
Offering Services

You name it, I have most likely tried it. Seriously, I “tried” everything.

Why would I tell you this story?

My hope you never fall into this trap like I did. There are many reasons for Information Overload, IT DOESN’T JUST AFFECT NEWBIES! My story illustrates that.

Why do YOU want to overcome YOUR Information Overload?

Productivity – In order to succeed in this business, you need to be productive. You need to focus on tasks that NEED to be done. This is especially true if your a one man or one woman show.

Unfocused Effort – If you are always “learning” you are just a career student. You will not ever focus on the “Doing” aspect of your business. One of the most important parts of business is knowing the “big Picture” or the 30,000 foot point of view. If you know the big picture, you will be able to break down the things you need to do into “projects” then down into “tasks”. You will never be able to be focused if you are always learning “new” stuff. Keeping that in mind, you can learn what you NEED to learn (Like single tasks), not on all the extras.

Time – We DO NOT have unlimited time. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, age, perceived success or any other measurable gauge; we all have one commodity… TIME. Save as much as you can, if you are soaking up all the latest marketing information, you are not enjoying what life has to offer.

What Matters To You? – In my case, I masked my depression with “new” information to try out. It was a way for me to escape what was bothering me. I always used the information gathering as an excuse to say “I need to learn this” or “I can put this to use later.” Knowing what really matters to you is so important.

Ask yourself why do you want to be an IMer? For me, it was real simple, time freedom. I wanted more time to spend with my family, coaching baseball, softball & basketball for my children when they are young. Tune everything out and reflect on that question.

Stress & Depression – As I mentioned above, constantly learning more information creates an illusion of being busy. As we try out more systems, methods, plugin, strategies, we feel like you are keeping ourselves busy. This is an ILLUSION. If you have more than ONE Business model going right now, you are NOT doing yourself a favor. You are spreading yourself to thin.

If you are spreading yourself out, then you are creating a bad business environment for yourself, with too many tasks to do. This will lead to stress and maybe depression.

OK OK, I told you that I would help you and not scare you to death! Now for the good part, here are the 11 tips that I have used to be more productive, but one more quick little thing…

You need to be focused on ONE THING in your business, here is my suggestion (It has worked wonders for me)

Pick ONE Niche, ONE Business Model & Master ONE Traffic generation strategy.

There are tons of business models…

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Adsense Sites
  • Product Creation
  • Product Launches
  • Membership Sites – Paid/Free
  • Amazon Review Sites
  • Offering Services
  • CPA Marketing
  • many more business models

Master ONE Traffic Strategy

  • Video Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Banner Ads
  • Pay Per Click
  • Pay Per View
  • PPC
  • many more traffic strategies

Random Hint: Do you what you love to do. If you don’t, you will burn out.

OK, now on to the good part…

1.Only Learn WHAT YOU NEED – Ok, decide on what you need to learn and only learn that one task. What types of information and source actually provide value to you? Decide what medium that you would like the learn from, there are plenty of ways to learn. Video, PDF’s, Blogs, Podcasts etc. After deciding on your chosen medium, you seek the information. You are reversing the your mindset. Focus on what you NEED to learn and discard the rest.

 2. Email Junkie Cures – This was my biggest time waster! For obvious reasons we can’t stop using email, because we have to be able to send files and communicate with people online, BUT when checking email becomes an obsession, we need to stop that. Like I said, I was guilty of this, BIG TIME! Also the mind set should be a little different when checking email. I have adopted the attitude of “prune & trimming” my emails.

Step 1 – Unsubscribe form all but 2 or 3 marketers that you have really learned from in the past. You know the ones that put out great content, not “burn and turn” marketers who are promoting the latest & greatest product 2 times a day, every day.

Step 2 – Unsubscribe for all the affiliate networks that have “of the day” emails, these are of the biggest time & money suckers in internet marketing.

Step 3 – Check your email 2 or 3 times a day, at specific time in the day. Also take a whole day off checking your email. (My day is Sunday)

These 3 steps will increase your productivity 10 fold.

3. What is your Mission? – I’m not asking you to write a mission statement, although it is a good idea, but you do need to know your end goal. Ask yourself, When I start a task, what do I want out of the completion of that task? That way, it is easier to budget your time and to focus on that task. Each task should be progressive until the completion of a “project”.

4. Scheduling – Make time to work on a specific ‘project’ in your business. It is a good idea to break down a project into tasks. Schedule time to complete each task, focus on completing that one task, then move on to the next.

Here is a quick example of the way I divide up a ‘project’.

The very first thing I do in the morning when I sit down at my computer is check email. I divide this ‘project’ up into 3 tasks.

Task one – “Pruning & Trimming” – I determine what kind of emails I have in the inbox and divide them into 3 categories.

1. Throw away emails – I instantly delete, unless I have seen the email address before then I look inside, scroll to the bottom and unsubscribe.

2. Social Media / Personal Emails – These are Facebook messages and other social media messages. Emails from friends and business partners that can wait for lunch time. (I check and reply while I am having lunch)

3. Customer Support email & Immediate Business Email – These require me to respond to right away.

Task Two. I put all the emails that I am not going to answer immediately into a separate folder labeled “Lunch Time Emails”

Task Three. I respond to customer support email, then business partners emails.

That is what I do every day when I first get to my computer. It is just a routine that I gotten into, I would suggest that you come up with a similar routine

I don’t check my email again a second time until lunch, usually I get more email. I use the same little system, but I answer customer support & business email I get, then I look at and respond to my social emails, while I am eating.

5. Stop Checking Stats every half hour – I know it is exciting to get sales, watch your traffic bars go up, but I know from personal experience that this is a huge waste of time! Instead, I check stats twice a day. The first is when I’m done check my morning emails and the second is just before I log off for the day. I would suggest you adopt this into your schedule.

6. Be Realistic – Informationholics need their fix, I would set aside time each day for maybe 30 minutes or so checking your favorite marketing sites.

Caution! If you are looking around on sites the warrior forum, DON’T BUY ANYTHING! Stay away from new products, you will drift off in marketing no-man’s-land, stay focused.

Activities like checking your phone, watching TV, playing games on your phone (This used to be a weakness) and other distractions should be eliminated completely.

If you are having trouble with this, download timer software (click here for a good one, it’s free!)

7. Humans CAN’T Multitask – Seriously, if you focus on one task, you will be more productive. I know that your mind can start reeling when you think of another cool idea, but you need to concentrate on the task at hand until it is done. One thing you can do when you have a little “ah ha” moment is carry a little notebook, note it, then focus on the task.

When you multitask, you can cause yourself undue stress. Stress leads to negative thoughts, and negative thoughts lead you to be not being confident. Sorry for the Yoda moment there, but it is true.

8. Try An Information Diet – Decide to go without checking an information source for a set amount of time. I’m talk a few days.

Once you have completed the information diet, evaluate your feelings. Ask these questions…

- Did you notice a positive difference in your life?

- Did you lose anything by not consuming that piece of information?

- Is this something you could like to give up (or greatly reduce) permanently?

9. Reduce Your Work Load Over Time – This sound counter intuitive, but trust me it works. One you have the basic model of your business set, you only really need to focus on traffic, and depending what business you choose for yourself, you should concentrate on building relationships with people.

Let your “system” work for you.

10. Email Fasting – I got this from another marketer, “Go on an email fast for a day or several days.” This will be difficult if you are like me, and want to know what’s in that inbox, but with anything hard to do, you will find satisfaction accomplishing it.

11. Turn off Your Phone (or don’t Answer It) – Turn off your phone, or put the phone on vibrate mode while you are working. You’ll be amazed by how much you can get done without phone  interruptions.

Bonus CureAsk yourself these questions… 

- How many times do you check your email in a day?

- How much time do you spend reading those emails?

- How much time do you spend on facebook, twitter or pinterest?

- How much time do you spend on forums “looking around?”

I encourage you to just keep track of the time you spend in these activities. You will have actual data that you can look at to show you how much time your wasting.

Ok, one more thing, YOU ALREADY KNOW ENOUGH TO BE SUCCESSFUL ONLINE! Pick the business model that appeals to you the most, master that one traffic technique & you will be on your way to a 6 figure business online.

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Do you have other ways to cure information overload? We would like to know, leave a comment below.


Beat The Shit Out of Procrastination or Get Your Ass Handed To You!

Procrastination – Why do you procrastinate? There is no One SIZE FITS answer to that question, but you may fall under one or more these reasons and yes, I will be stepping on some toes here, but bare with me, I’ll redeem myself…

1. You’re Lazy – I’m not going to talk about this, because if your lazy, please leave this website, the things I talk about here involve work.

“OMG! There’s NOT an Easy Button?”

2. You’re NOT Focused – There are many reasons for not being focused, I will give you suggestions on being more focused.

3. You’re Avoiding Discomfort – There are many types of discomfort. Mental, emotional and physical discomfort are the most common. You and I will talk about overcoming discomfort in a few moments.

4. You’re Have Confidence Issues – “What if I fail”, is a common question that ask ourselves, it seems natural. Often we don’t try anything because we don’t know if we CAN do it. It’s not as easy as Nike makes it sounds like, with their slogan “Just Do It”, but you can overcome lack of confidence.  

5. You’re a Perfectionist – This is a biggy, especially if you have any of the other procrastination factors. You might feel like not starting something if you are obsessive about researching every last piece of information about a topic. Another reason for this dangerous factor is that you might not start if you know you can’t put every last bit of effort making your content just right.

Now that I have painted a bleak picture, let me throw some nice colors in there for you. First you are not alone, EVERYONE procrastinates!

Here are some ways to deal with Factors 2 through 5 (as I said before, I can’t help you with laziness)

FOCUSING – the To Do List to do list

But making To-DO lists sucks & I’m NOT doing it…

My Response: Ok, Stay Poor!

Well, that maybe a little harsh, but it is true.

One method to solve this irritating behavior, is to create a listing of tasks to do throughout the day.

Obviously, if your not used to making a to-do list it will feel like “just another thing I have to do”. You might ask yourself, “if I can’t get my stuff done now… What will a to-do list do for you anyways?

Humans have a natural NEED to get stuff done, but there is a flip side to it too. The flip side is what will get your ass handed to you, we will talk about that in a few minutes!

Here are a few of things about To-Do Lists…

Thing One ~ Write a “master” to-do list. Every time I start a project, I list all the individual tasks that need to be done, I save that list (so I can set up a process checklist) and I occasionally I add to the master project list. By having a “master” project list you will know what’s coming ahead of time and you will have more success in planning your daily to-do list. By doing so you’ll be able to…

  • know upcoming tasks & deadlines
  • focus on outstanding tasks
  • not be taken by any surprises


Thing TwoPrioritize Tasks. WOW this is a big one, because when you can prioritize tasks you will instantly notice what needs to be done and the order in which they need to be done. Here is the “Stop Light” method. Divide the daily tasks into 3 color categories, green, yellow & red…

Stop Light

Red –  These are the highest priority, they can include…

  1. any task that you have not completed in previous days (even if they were green colored tasks)
  2. any task that involves customer support
  3. any task that will result in a profit (example: sending affiliate promotion to your list)
  4. any task that will directly save you money

Yellow – These are medium level task that are not overly urgent, but still have an importance attached to them  

Green – These are brand new tasks that were placed on the list and have a really low importance. These are tasks are not immediate money makers or savers. These are tasks that lack urgency.

Caution: Do not put everything as red, that is a recipe for failure. It will cause anxiety, which we are trying to eliminate. The whole of point the “Stop Light” method is to prioritize your list. 

Need help? Here is a free resource that can be very handy, it is called Remember The Milk. The service is free, there is an upgrade to pro version, but not necessary.

Thing Three ~ Be VERY specific about that tasks on your list. avoid terms like “begin”, “start”, “look at” and other non descriptive task. These are time wasters, I have spent many hours “looking around” at useless things, because the very nature of the task is not focused.

Thing Four ~ There will be tasks that take longer than you thought it would take. This is OK, this is the nature of lists. Time delays will happen, do not let this get you down. This is not not due to bad time management skills.

Thing Five ~ DO NOT get depressed, discouraged or down about not completing everything on your list. This will happen because you are a SOLO marketer. Maybe you put to much on your list or you didn’t realize that some of the tasks are going to take a long as they did.

Thing SixWrite the to-do list at the end your work day. By doing it this way, you will know what tasks are the most urgent to complete. Also, you know what to start with when you start working. See above the “Stop Light” method when formulating your list.

Thing Seven ~ DO NOT let the list control you! It is there to be a guide to help you, so don’t get consumed by it.

Another way to deal with focusing is Instant accountability…

Kim Roach talks about this all the time. I have to agree with her too, if you set a “public deadline” you WILL get that done. Her method is to setup a webinar, then create the content for the webinar. This is ballsy because you are publicly responsible for your actions.

It helps you do another thing too, KEEP your word. Part of being accountable is being stable. I cannot think of a better way to be stable than to keep your word.

Case in point, this is the first day of summer vacation and my seven year old just came in and reminded me that I said I would go play with her, be back in a few.

~1 hour 42 minutes later~ 

Ok, I am back and ready to roll, where were we?

Yes, Instant Accountability…

There is a whole market dedicated to instant accountability (do a google search), but the one thing that I have gotten out of my research is this:

YOU need a clear plan or strategy. This seems to be the over riding concept with trying to use the Instant Accountability Model to beat procrastination. In Dan Geller’s book “Instant Strategy” he talks about about being able to make a “clear and logical path to follow”, ask yourself this one question, would it be easier to be motivated & focused if I had a clear and logical path to follow?

Hopefully your saying something like, “Hell Yeah!”

In part 2 we are going to discuss Avoiding discomfort, but before I wrap part 1 up I just want to say here is the ONE BIG SECRET…


There is NO one big secret!

And No, I’m not disagreeing with Rhonda Byrne & her book “The Secret” because there are many great “mindset” techniques in that book. One of them is this…

~You NEED to be working toward whatever you want, by doing so you will achieve that want~

This stuff may sound like it is coming from a galaxy far far away, from a little green dude. I’ll be honest, I’m not into feel good self help for many reasons, but Rhonda has it right. 

Like I talked about in the Information Overload post, if you can beat the shit out of procrastination, your productivity will increase 10 times.


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